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What is the cheapest email hosting?

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If you were to do it completely on your own, as in setting up your own servers and doing server administration, hosting a custom email address could easily cost you several thousands per month. But the good news is it's not really recommended to DIY email hosting on your own servers because it takes a lot of time and resource to setup and maintain. Instead, getting a custom email account from a managed email hosting service provider like Unliwebhosting's email hosting is the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to go. You don't really have to learn all the technical stuff because it’s as easy as signing up and all the server administration will be done for you.

How much does it cost to host a custom email address?

So much is it? A measly Php 299/month. For comparison, other popular managed email providers for business could go from $12/month to as high as $25/month, and actually even higher if you include some add-ons. That said, a Php 299 price point sounds very reasonable.

Free domain with email hosting

One key difference with Unliwebhosting is that for that price, you will also get a free domain. A free domain is something you don't usually get from other providers since a domain is something you purchase separately, but not with Unliwebhosting, it’s free. So to be clear on that, you get will both domain and professional email hosting, in one package.

Worry-free managed email hosting

The technical management of business email hosting is not something your business should be worrying about. With Unliwebhosting's managed email hosting service, you get a cheap and affordable service that will take care all of the technical server management that comes with email hosting. This way, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about the technical mumbo jumbo.

For a low cost of Php 299/month you can get your own custom branded email address with your business name e.g.,

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