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Why having an email hosting account with a managed email hosting service provider is important for your business

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Build trust and brand recognition with custom email hosting

In today’s digital world, where almost everybody is online, having a custom email hosting account is a very important aspect in brand building. A professional email hosting account will help your business gain trust and brand recognition over time. If your customers look at your business card and see a generic address from common email hosting providers (e.g., @yahoo or @gmail), they might feel hesitant in dealing business with you.

While there’s nothing wrong with these free emails for personal use, when used in business, it may induce friction from potential customers. If people are not yet familiar with your brand or business, and you contact them with an email address from free email hosting sites, they might have second thoughts as to why you they should trust you. On the other hand if you use a customized and paid email hosting account, it gives your business instant credibility.

Come to think of it, when you are doing business with the world’s top brands, do you ever see them using a generic free email? Chances are they almost certainly use an email address with their business name as domain. That means they are most likely using a service from any of the world’s best paid email hosting solutions. I think you will agree that there is a sense of credibility and trust when you know you are dealing with a business that is using premium email hosting.

Where to get managed email hosting?

You may be thinking, what are the best email hosting sites to get good email hosting services. There are actually many of them but they are usually pricey and international based. Now if you’re just looking for an easy to use and simple email hosting services that are locally available in the Philippines, then you should check out Unliwebhosting’s inexpensive email hosting service. They are one of the few reliable email hosting service providers here in the Philippines.

How much does paid email hosting cost?

If you’re wondering what does email hosting cost these days? If you’re going to get from common international service providers, email hosting price would typically set you back anywhere from $10 to $20 per account per month. If you’re just getting a few email accounts, that might be reasonable but if you want to get more than a few, then it might become expensive. Good thing, Unliwebhosting, one of the best email hosting provider here in the Philippines offers cloud email hosting services for a significantly affordable price, at just Php 299/month. It's usually billed quarterly so that means you effectively can buy email hosting for as low as Php 899/quarter.

What's good and unique about Unliwebhosting is that they also provide free domain name when you get an email hosting account. There are no other email hosting provider that actually gives a free domain, you would usually buy that separately. Now I don’t know about you but getting one of the best secure email hosting service for a very reasonable price with a free domain is not something you see everywhere.

Mail hosting service should be hassle free and accessible to anyone, big or small business. You can get an account now from one the best email hosting service, here in the Philippines, Unliwebhosting.

Getting the best mail hosting is easy. Get your own custom email address now.

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