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How To Make A Blog Step by Step Tutorial

how to make a blog infographic

In this quick tutorial we will walk you through the process of setting up an actual working blog, step by step. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to post content on your blog and let people view it live on the internet.

In a nutshell, to make a blog, you will need the following:

  • Domain name The address of your blog e.g., This is what people will type in their browser so they can view your blog.

  • Web hosting provider Where you will host your blog and its content so it can be viewed in the internet e.g., Unliwebhosting

  • Blogging application Where you will write and post your blog content e.g., Wordpress. You can ask your web hosting provider to install this for you.

Those are the core ingredients that make up a blog. When starting a serious blog, it is important that you select a trusted web hosting provider so that you have full control and ownership of your blog. Unliwebhosting, a web hosting provider from the Philippines, puts them all together for you easily. Let's get started on the details on how to actually get it up and running. In this tutorial, we will make a fictiticous food blog.

Step 1: Purchase Domain and Hosting

For this example, we will use Unliwebhosting as our domain and hosting provider. They provide free domain as well as free installation of Wordpress, the blogging app that we're going to use.

  • Go to and purchase an account.

  • Since you are just starting, you can choose the cheapest plan.

  • Once you purchase an account, you will receive a username and password.

Step 2: Install Blog

We will be using Wordpress as our blogging application. Installing it on your own can be difficult for beginners. Good thing, the web hosting provider can do it for you. After getting an account, just send a message saying you want them to install Wordpress for you. E.g., send an email with something like this:

Please install Wordpress for me. Thank you.

That is all there is to it. Your Wordpress login will be sent to you and all you need to do from then on is practically post content to your brand new blog!

Step 3: Configure Blog

Default Wordpress installation are actually ready use but it's a good idea to configure it and implement some best practices. Log in to Wordpress using the login details provided by Unliwebhosting.

Wordpress login

Upon log in you should be able to see the Wordpress dashboard which should be similar to the image below. Go ahead and click the Settings menu.

wordpress dashboard

From here, enter your blog's Site Title and Tagline if you want. You can leave out the other settings as is. Click the Save Changes button below.

 wordpress settings

Now go back to the Settings menu, click Permalinks. In the choices, select "Post name" then click Save Changes.

That's about it for the basic settings, you can play around with the other settings if you wish.

Step 4: Change Blog Theme Design

If you want to change the default look of your blog, which most bloggers would probably want to do, click on the Appearance menu, then click Themes, then click Add New.


From here you can select from thousands of themes. Use the search bar or feature filter if you're looking for something specific.


For example, let's assume our blog is about food. Type "food" in the search bar so you can browse a suitable theme related to food blogs.

Wordpress food blog themes

One you found a theme that you like, click Install then Activate. The new theme should immediately reflect on your blog. Note that the design won't be seen inside the dashboard but only on the public view of the blog.

Choosing the perfect theme from many choices can take a lot of your time. We suggest that you pick anything or use the default theme for now, and then just do the theme selection process at a later time.

That's it! Are you looking for more steps? There's no more step left and all there is left to do is begin posting content!

Step 5: Post Content

Finally, the boring configuration parts are done! At this point you can now begin posting content for people to see. To do that simply click on the Posts menu then click Add New.

wordpress posts menu

Go ahead and type your blog post's title in the Add Title field. E.g., "Welcome to my food blog". Then press enter to go to the next field below it which is where you will type the content/body of you post . As you can see it's just like composing an email.

Wordpress posting example

Press enter again to insert another block so you can insert another paragraph or whatever element you wish. Each element in the post body are called blocks in Wordpress. Each block can be a paragraph, image, lists, etc.. The available blocks are shown when you click the + icon. That's about it, you can play around and familiarize yourself with the content editor.

When you're ready to publish the post, simply click the Publish button in the upper-right corner of the screen and your post will be live for the world to see!

Wordpress publish blog post

Here's an example of what visitors of your food blog would see after you hit the publish button:

food blog

As you can see, it's quite easy to start a blog, you don't even need to know any programming or coding skills. Blogging is not complicated as it seems, anyone can do it.

We hope this quick tutorial on how to make a blog helped you gain enough information to jumpstart your blogging journey.

Here's to the success of your new blog!

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Happy blogging!

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